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Oct 12, 2017

In this continuation of the Conspiracy Theories in Music series we discuss "Mysterious Deaths" in music. We begin by talking a bit more about the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy as Derek has travelled even deeper down the rabbit hole. We then move on to an honorable mention, Elliot Smith's mysterious suicide in which he stabbed himself in the heart not once, but twice. We begin with all of the rumors and oddities surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain, including theories that Courtney Love either did it or hired someone to do it for her. We then move on to the one and only King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. There have been many strange things surrounding his death such as multiple sightings, including one just a week after his death at Graceland with a photo that has since been verified as un-doctored and real as well as his middle name being spelled incorrectly on his tombstone and much more. Third we discuss the death of Michael Jackson, which is another death filled with tremendous controversy and many strange occurrences and videos captured such as someone that looks oddly LIKE Michael hopping out of the back of the coroner van and being rushed into a building. Finally we talk about the mysteries surrounding the death of rapper Tupac Shakur. His last and posthumous release was released under the name "Makeveli" also being the name of a 16th century writer who at the age of 25 (Tupac's age at his death) faked his death to trick his enemies only to return years later. Will Tupac come back? Why are there so many inconsistencies in the story and circumstances behind his death? Let's dig deep down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and discuss it all.