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Nov 15, 2018

In this episode we talk a whole lot about "metal" band Threatin and how he scammed his way onto a fake European tour "Break The World," after building a fake fanbase of likes and comments on Facebook, to bolster his non-existent reputation. We talked in depth about how all of this played out and how his band discovered mid-tour it was a scam and they were played, his music videos and fake concert footage, and go in depth on his website of hilarity. 

We also briefly discussed the new show on Shudder we are super excited about called DeadWax, as well as the current SyFy series called Channel Zero bassed off of internet creepypastas.

We also took listener questions about our favorite hip-hop albums of the year including Vince Staples, Action Bronson, Denzel Curry, and more, best biopics such as Joy Division / Ian Curtis' Control, Johnny Cah's Walk The Line, Morrissey's England Is Mine, the early 2000's metalcore resurgence, and more!